TREY’s TAKE: Our Schools Are A War Zone But Only One Side Is Engaged In The Fight.

Yesterday the President, Vice President, and Education Secretary heard some very powerful testimony from Americans directly affected by the school shootings. The room was packed with parents, friends, and teachers of those who lost their lives when schools were invaded by enemy forces who used weapons meant for home protection and sport hunting to declare war on our schools.

Understandably, emotions were raw. One parent said he was “pissed that I’ll never see my baby-girl again.” One student spoke of being on the second floor of the school in Florida while texting his brother who was one floor above him as the invasion continued.

All of it was powerful, heart-wrenching testimony.

President Trump said “We are going to be very strong on background checks, and put a very strong emphasis on the mental health of somebody. We’re going to talk and get it done. It’s been going on too long, too many instances and we’re going to get it done.”

When a nation is under invasion by an enemy the best protection is a defending force which is armed with superior fire power in the hands of well-trained warriors.

That is why we the people invest billions of dollars every year in weapons and training. We demand the brave men and women of our military have the very best equipment to immediately stop any invasion anywhere in America.

So why do we settle for less in our schools?

Make no mistake the enemy has declared war on our children, and they are in “take no prisoners” mode. It’s time we realize this and respond accordingly. We must immediately stop sending our children into unprotected territory.

It is way past time we harden our assets (the schools), and defend our territory with systems (metal detectors), and firepower (guns) in the hands of highly-trained and skilled men and women.

Do it now before we suffer another attack by the evil invaders who seek to kill and destroy everything we hold dear.



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