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Trump Train Back on Track?

So did Trump get the train back on track with his debate performance last night?

He called his conversation with Billy Bush from 11 years ago “Locker room talk,” and he is “very embarrassed by it.”

One of Trump’s most vocal supporters, Rudy Giuliani said, “The fact is that men at times talk like that – not all men, but men do. He was wrong for doing it. I believe it’s wrong…but gosh almighty, he who is without sin here throw the first stone.”

Minnesota state Senator Carrie Rudd, a female, said of the Republicans who yanked their support for Trump over the weekend, “Those that are jumping ship are establishment GOP that never supported him in the first place.”

GOP Heads for the Exits

As of Sunday, approximately 16 GOP senators, and and somewhere around two-dozen House members have publicly withdrawn their support for Trump over the Trump Tape leak.

What do you think of them? Are there more who will hit the road or did Trump stop the bleeding last night?

Shocker! Hillary is Two-Faced

Newly leaked emails apparently show that Hillary believes it’s okay to tell people one thing while believing something else.

I’m with the guy from Casablanca, “I’m shocked I tell you  – Shocked!”

Hillary lied about Benghazi, telling her daughter on the night of the attack that she knew it was terrorism, but then concocted a public story about a video being the cause so Obama could claim he had vanquished all future terror attacks from the world.

She cannot be believed or trusted. Keep that in mind if she becomes President.

Hillary Is for Open Borders

In another leaked email she apparently told a group that she was for open borders.

After all, what difference do borders make?

More to Come?

Debate moderator, and Clinton supporter, Anderson Cooper pressed Donald Trump to answer whether or not he had ever made unwanted sexual advances on women. Trump answered, “No, I will tell you, I have not.”

This almost seems to me like a set-up from a political operative.

Was Anderson Cooper setting up a new shocking revelation? Did he just tee something up?

Bush Sidelined

NBC just announced they are suspending Billy Bush over that 11 year-old audio of him and Donald Trump.

Do you believe words spoken in private conversations/moments should cost someone their job 11 years later?

NFL Ratings

Does anybody watch the NFL anymore? Ratings are down, and the NFL is blaming politics. I say their product is often boring these days. The college games this past Saturday were MUCH more exciting.




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