TREY’s TAKE: Read This If You Are Concerned For Your Family’s Safety Seriously


January 10, 2017

The Texas legislature begins their session today, and I had a conversation yesterday with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick about the agenda. We talked about a number of issues, but there is one in particular I want to bring to your attention.

I believe Texas should pass Constitutional Carry.

Most people view Texas as a gun-friendly state, but lawmakers only restored partial open-carry 2 years ago, 130 years AFTER most open-carry had been banned in the state. There are many other states that are much more gun-friendly than Texas.

That has to change.

Representative Jonathan Strickland has introduced HB 375 which would grant Texans the right to carry their gun without obtaining a permit. The time has come for Texans to be able to exercise their God-given rights enumerated in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

As the law stands now, the ONLY Texans who exercise that right are the law BREAKERS. Law-abiding citizens are prohibited the FREE exercise of their right to keep and BEAR arms.

Why is this law important, (besides the obvious 2nd Amendment protection)?

As it stands, the permit fee to carry your gun is $140. That is in addition to the fee paid for the mandated course, and the cost of the gun. It is wrong to charge someone to exercise a right. Nobody should be forced to pay any fee or tax to exercise a constitutional right. Period.

Why not? Take for example a single mother living paycheck to paycheck who has been threatened by an ex-husband or boyfriend often faces a tough decision, does she put food on the table for her babies, or buy a gun and pay for the course and permit to keep them safe? She shouldn’t have to make that choice. She has a God-given right to protect her family with a gun if she chooses.

Remember, rights are granted by God not man. Our founding fathers knew that if man gave us our rights men could take them away.

During the debate over voter ID, a measure we KNOW helps combat voter fraud, the liberal leftists argued the voter ID law was cost-prohibitive because it required people to get an ID. Never mind the fact that all ID’s were paid for by taxpayers and thereby free to whomever requested one. So, it should follow that those same liberals would be FOR permit-less carry on the same grounds.

Don’t hold your breath. We are¬†already hearing the whining from the left about OK Coral shootouts and blood running in the streets. It’s the same drivel they cried when concealed carry legislation was debated in the 90’s, and open-carry and campus carry just two years ago. No wild shootouts by law-abiding gun enthusiasts have occurred. No students shooting professors over bad grades. Their argument simply doesn’t hold water, but the liberal Texas press could care less. They parrot away.

Another argument we hear from anti-gunners is how we require citizens to get a license before they are allowed to legally drive a vehicle, therefore requiring a license for a gun is the same thing. Wrong. Driving is a privilege, not a God-given right enumerated in the US Constitution.

Question for lefty’s, what other constitution rights do you want to require a license for? Voting? Free speech? Religion?

Another reason this law is important comes from a recent article in the Wall Street Journal about rising homicide rates in the US. SAN ANTONIO leads the nation in percentage growth of violent homicides of any large city in the US – Chicago included! 2016 saw a 61% increase in the San Antonio murder rate. 61%! I asked the Chief why, and he says he doesn’t know.

Let’s be clear, the police are great. They work their butts off to keep us safe. But they can’t be everywhere all the time. If you and your babies are going to be safe, it’s ultimately up to you to keep them that way.

Permit-less, Constitutional Carry will help.




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