TREY’s TAKE: Are You Ready to Pay for Abortion?

Warning – if Hillary Clinton becomes President you and I will pay for every abortion performed in America.

Here’s a refresher on the Hyde Amendment:

After the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion, (Roe vs Wade, 1973), pro-life Americans were concerned that their tax dollars would be used to pay for abortions.  In order to prevent this, Republican Henry Hyde introduced a bill which would bar taxpayer money from going to pay for abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother.  It passed 207-167, but was never ensconced as law.  Instead, the Hyde Amendment has been attached to funding measures as a rider since 1976.

The pro-abortion lobby has never accepted Hyde because they want to spread the scourge of abortion by forcing taxpayers to pay for all abortions thereby making abortions free to women and girls of all ages.  These liberal pro-abortion groups have tried on many occasions to repeal Hyde.

During the Obamacare battle, Congressman Bart Stupak could see what was coming so he attempted to add language to the ACA which would put the Hyde Amendment into statutory language.  Ultimately he did as so many others and caved to President Obama who promised taxpayer money would never fund abortions (Obama lie #10,600).

Here we are today with Hillary Clinton promising to ditch Hyde if she becomes President which would make all tax-paying Americans pay for ALL abortions.  This will make millions of Americans who have either religious or philosophical objections to abortion an accessory to every abortion performed in America.

Hillary’s reasoning is absurd.  She says a right isn’t a right if you have to pay to exercise it.  Oh really Hillary? Does that mean you support taxpayer funding of guns?  I mean, we shouldn’t have to pay to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights – right?

So if you are pro-life, President Hillary will make you pay for abortion.  If you are pro-life, but think abortion is a woman’s right as long as it doesn’t involve you, President Hillary will make you pay for abortion.  If you are neither pro-life or pro-abortion, President Hillary will make you pay for abortion.

Recent polls show that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to taxpayer funding of abortion.  Even a majority of pro-abortion Democrats are opposed.  Will these Americans work to defeat her in November and prevent taxpayer funding of abortions, or will they happily cast their vote for her and become the financiers of every abortion in America?



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