TREY’s TAKE: Did This Really Just Happen? Lee HS Has A New Name

Did this reallyyy just happen?

The NEISD Board of Trustees voted last night to change the name of Lee High School to L.E.E. High School.

The board voted in August to change the name because of “safety concerns” and unspecified “threats”.

They said they wanted a name that would be less disruptive than the name Lee.

So, they decided to change the name of Lee High School to L.E.E. High School.

Legacy of Educational Excellence High School.

Starting next school year Lee High School will be known as L.E.E. High School.

Oh, I see what you did there. Add a few dots and presto chango!

Very clever.

Um, the school will retain the Volunteers mascot, and most everything else about the old Lee High School.

So what was the point exactly?

Students who were at the board meeting said racism was never an issue at Lee, and they would have much preferred the money it is costing to change the name be spent to upgrade the athletic facilities. One student said the campus is the laughing stock of the district because of it’s “ghetto” appearance.

Trustee Edd White, a longtime supporter of the name change, said, “I think we’re trying to put lipstick on a pig…”

Does anybody else agree with Mr White? Is this one big oinker?



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