TREY’s TAKE: What Is The Reason For This Shocking Number From 2016

For decades I have closed every show saying, “I LOVE YOU SAN ANTONIO!”

I do love San Antonio.

I was born October 3, 1963 in the downtown Baptist Hospital. Our family lived on Joline Lane on the east/northeast side. I graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1982. I began my radio career 42 years ago at KBUC on East Houston Street.

Nancy and I married 33 years ago in Bethany United Methodist church on Eisenhauer.

Both of our children were born in the Medical Center.

Until their deaths a few years ago, Nancy and I spent just about every Saturday morning enjoying barbacoa with her grandparents at their home on West Houston near downtown.

There is no place like San Antonio.

We have the Spurs, the Alamo, the Riverwalk, the Missions, USAA, HEB, Whataburger, and etc, etc.

So my heart breaks when I read that San Antonio had a 61% increase in homicides in 2016.

That is a spike not experienced in 20 years. Our city went from 94 homicides in 2015 to 151 in 2016!

The record was set in the early 1990’s and culminated with 142 in 1995.

The numbers had been trending down – until last year.

So what changed? Why are the numbers going back up?

I have asked Police Chief Bill McManus that question several times. He told me there is no specific rhyme or reason. He said the murders are totally random, and for the most part, not connected to each other. He says an official report will be made available later this month.

Other major cities that have experienced similar spikes in the murder rate say criminals have become emboldened. Criminals believe police are at a disadvantage due to politics, and they see an opportunity to carry out their crimes.

Whatever the cause this number must be reversed – now.

What are your thoughts on the spike in the San Antonio murder rate?



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