TREY’s TAKE: What is your response to these comments?

President Obama is in Laos where he is continuing his 8-year apology tour.

He told the people of Laos that “villages and entire valleys were obliterated” by the “more than two million tons of bombs” the United States dropped on their country.

President Obama said it would have been “unimaginable” for a U.S. President to visit Laos as he mentioned the courage he is showing in just bringing the matter up.

Mr. Obama went on to say the United States has a “moral obligation” to help the people of Laos fix their country.

Is he correct? Is he brave for broaching the subject? Do you and I (I was 3 when the Viet Nam conflict was hot) have an obligation to spend billions on Laos? Or does it seem to you that President Obama travels to foreign countries to apologize for the U.S.?

Leave your comments and I will share them on my show.

Thank you.

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