FBI Director James Comey just wrapped up comments about the Hillary Clinton email server scandal, and after laying out a good case for prosecution he dropped the bombshell that he was not recommending charges.

Mr. Comey meticulously detailed emails that were on Hillary’s homebrew server which were clearly marked “classified” or “top secret.” He made the perfect case in saying the emails were mishandled, and the State Department under Clinton was “sloppy” in how they handled the secrets of the USA.

He also said it is probable that hostile actors gained access to her system.

And yet – no charges!

Outrageous, but not surprising. She is, after all, Hillary Clinton.

Comey talked about lack of intent to mishandle the secrets of the USA. Excuse me, sir. The whole matter was intended! She had her homebrew system set-up intentionally. She trafficked the nation’s secrets on it intentionally. She had someone populate her home system with emails from the government system intentionally.

That’s a whole lot of intent.

No charges? I say rigged.



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