TREY’s TAKE: Sad Sack Celebrity Using Hate To Stay Relevant During A Season of Love

It started when failed comedienne, talk host, and actress Rosie O’Donnell offered an alleged public bribe via Twitter of $2 million to buy off a couple of GOP senators to keep them from voting for the President’s tax plan.

Commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted about the alleged law-breaking, and quickly received this response from Ms. O’Donnell: “Suck my d**k Ben.”

After a public outcry, the left-wing protector of liberal free speech, Twitter, had O’Donnell’s tweets removed.

Then, on Christmas Day Speaker of the House Paul Ryan posted a video of himself giving an uplifting positive Christmas message where he said, “Waiting for us is that sense of wonder the shepherds felt when the angels appeared in the night sky to herald the birth of a Savior.”

Rosie responded by tweeting, “paul ryan – don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell u screwed up fake alter boy. #JUDASmuch.”

It’s clear Ms O’Donnell is full of hate during this season of love.

I believe she is attempting to stay relevant at a time when she is slipping into obscurity. She is acting like an impetuous child as she tries to get the attention of the room.

As an ordained minster and student of the Bible, I can assure you that Rosie doesn’t decide who gets into Heaven. She doesn’t even get a vote. That’s up to God and God alone, and Ms. O’Donnell is not Him – even though she may think she is.

I’m praying for her to find the peace that passes understanding.



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