TREY’s TAKE: THE Scariest Thing You Will See All Week

A 13 year-old girl and her mom are recovering in Florida after a man attempted to kidnap the girl while she and her mom were shopping – and it’s all caught on video. 

Police say the attack was random, but premeditated, which means the alleged attacker stalked his prey before pouncing. The mother fought the man as he dragged the girl toward the door.  He almost made it out the door with the girl when he finally broke and ran for his car where he was confronted by an armed off-duty deputy.  

It was just a few weeks ago we had a similar thing happen in the busy parking lot of a well-known grocery store in nearby Schertz.  Thank God that story turned out well as the girl fought off the alleged attempted kidnapper.

I think it’s sad that our children appear to be losing something you and I enjoyed – Innocence. 

You and I were free to be kids.  To run.  To play.  To explore.  To ride our bikes miles away from home.  Our parents ordered us outside to play – unsupervised!  “Come home when the porch light comes on,” my mom would say.

Who would dream of saying that to their kids today?

I pray that somehow this can change and future generations of kids will once again experience the freedom to be what they are – kids. 



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