TREY’s Take: The SHOCKING Truth From The Comey Hearing

Rolling rambling thoughts about the Comey hearing…

-Anti-Trump media forces billed the Comey testimony as the biggest showstopper since Watergate. What we got was a bunch of very old D.C. insiders (senators) “colluding” (we’ll use their favorite word here) with another D.C. insider (Comey), and their media tools in order to play the American people.

This “collusion” was meant to build a case against Donald Trump in the minds of people in the US and around the world in order to render his America-first agenda DOA at every turn.

Keep in mind all any good attorney need do is raise doubt in the mind of the uninformed. Remember when the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber said Obama’s signature health law would “have never passed” had they “been honest about the costs,” and that they had to rely on “the stupidity of the American voter.” The left thinks voters are stupid and they rely on that stupidity all the time. They play the American people. Don’t take the bait.

-As far as their claim of obstruction goes. Do you remember when Director Comey let Hillary go on her email crimes because he said she didn’t “intend” to break the law? Does it seem like Trump intended to break the law when he said “I hope you can let the Mike Flynn thing go, he’s a nice guy.”

Is that intent? If you love Trump the answer is “no”. If you hate Trump the answer is “Wow!! Oh my God!!!!”

-Mr. Comey debunked the NY Times and other media who publish stories featuring unnamed sources by saying unnamed sources don’t know anything, and those who do know don’t talk.

-Mr. Comey gave credence to the claims that he is a partisan (hack) when he said as Director he was concerned for the integrity of the investigation. That’s why he didn’t share information with his boss, AG Sessions. But when he was no longer in charge and unable to control the outcome of the investigation, Comey seemed to lose his concern for integrity. That’s when he released (leaked) a private memo to the media through a liberal law professor friend.

That says to me that he was never concerned about the integrity of the investigation, he was concerned about the outcome.

Also, it is very difficult for me to believe this was the first and only time Comey released (leaked) info to the media. Maybe it was his first and only, but I seriously doubt it.

-President Trump handled it exactly right by staying off Twitter and letting his attorney speak for him.

And now the shocking (tongue in cheek) truth that came from the Comey hearing. You ready?

Whatever position you held Thursday morning you still hold today. Nothing happened to change anyone’s mind. Trump haters still hate Trump. Trump supporters still support Trump.

Shocking I know.

Two quick things on my way to the weekend:

1. John McCain has no business being around law-making power. God bless him. He is in my prayers, but he needs to leave the very powerful Senate.

2. how long before Jim Comey’s name appears on a ballot as a Democrat candidate for office?

Have a great and safe weekend…

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

I love you San Antonio.



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