TREY’s TAKE:  Support Trump?

It’s Friday and we know who the presumptive GOP nominee will be.  With that issue settled we turn attention to the rest of the high-profile GOP people and wonder who, if any, will jump on the Trump train.

We started the process with seventeen possible nominees, and one by one Trump destroyed them all.  He used uncommon tactics and personal attacks to chop the legs out from underneath each one.  Hobbled and bloodied each of them were forced to exit the stage due to the power of Trump and his very vocal supporters.

Each of them were good candidates who would have made far better Presidents than Hillary Clinton.  I realize that might not be saying much, but the point is these folks are talented and young, which means they have the chance to take another swing at it in four years.  Chances are excellent that at least one of them will end up President.

Let’s add non-primary combatants Speaker Paul Ryan, and Gov. Nikki Haley to that list.

So over the next days and weeks it will be interesting to watch and see what they do as they receive pressure to either support The Donald, stay out, or make an independent run.  Politics makes for strange bedfellows and a few of them might be tempted to pull the covers back and hop in with Trump in order to avoid being named as the reason if he fails to keep Hillary from returning to her favorite House.  Can’t you hear it now, “Sen. Cruz – YOU are the reason we have President Hillary!  If only you would have supported Trump he would have been elected!”

On the other hand, each of them must now consider the growing constituency that I call Traditional America Conservatives who meant it when they used  #NeverTrump on their tweets.  They are pro-life and can’t stomach his past support for Planned Parenthood.  They are for keeping biological men out of the ladies room and are upset that he backs the social warrior side.  And the list continues.  The question each of them must consider now is do they withhold their support and risk the wrath of Trump supporters and GOP big wigs should his bid fail, or do they jump on the Trump Train and risk losing support of the American values coalition?

Like I said, it will be interesting to watch.

Listen every morning as this process moves along and I will keep you in the loop.  Speaking of, I want to invite you to make an appointment to listen every morning at 7:35 for your Trump vs. Hillary update.  I will put everything else on hold to bring you up to speed on what’s happening in the race.



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