TREY’s TAKE: Swamphole Media Looks Ridiculous

White House physician Ronny Jackson has treated numerous President’s. To a person they all sing his praises as being an excellent doctor above reproach and beyond the politics of DC.

On Tuesday, President Trump sent Dr. Jackson into the White House media swamphole to “answer every question” about Mr. Trump’s recent 4-hour long physical.

Dr. Jackson said the President instructed him to tell it all, and Mr. Trump called Secretary Sanders and told her to let the Dr. go on as long as he wanted, and to let him say anything and answer any question. Nothing was off-limits.

Question: Would YOU do that? Would you wave Hippa laws and send your physician out front of a hate-filled enemy to answer their trick and biased questions about your health? No holes barred?

Dr. Jackson reported the President is in good health and “fit for duty.”

The media swamphole rats exploded. They acted with disdain and an extreme amount of hubris – their contempt for the President on full display with every question. The swamphole media rats just couldn’t believe THIS President is in good health.

Dr. Jackson also reported the President requested a cognitive test in order to answer the swamphole media rats questions about his mental state.

The President’s score was a perfect 30 out of 30.

That wasn’t good enough for the swamphole media rats.

“What about slurring his words?” a rat asked.

“Dry mouth from a Sudafed I gave him,” the good Dr answered with a smile.

“On what basis would you advise the cabinet the President is unable to discharge his duties?” another rat inquired.

Why ask that? Trump’s noggin is all good.

CNN even dispatched their guru Dr. Gupta to try and trip up Dr. Jackson with a question about Mr. Trump’s cardiovascular health. Gupta had to slink away after Dr. Jackson knocked it out of the park.

ABC hack Jonathan Karl still wasn’t having any of the answers from Dr. Jackson. After all the swamphole media knows everything – even medical science.

“Can you explain to me (wow stuck up much) how a guy that eats McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken and all those Diet Cokes, and who never exercises, is in as good a shape as you say he’s in?”, Karl asked. His question implied the Dr. was not being truthful.

“It’s called genetics,” said Dr. Jackson.


On and on the pathetic partisan swamphole media rats droned about golf, ice cream, Twitter, television viewing, and Barack Obama.

He was even asked about Trump and “drug abuse!”

Dr. Jackson never flinched. He was sure of his answers. He is sure that the President is in great physical and mental health.

So, I propose we let this be the standard. All leadership should immediately undergo a 4 hour physical exam, and send their personal physicians out to face the worldwide audience to be peppered with questions from a hateful biased media horde with instructions to answer every question for as long as it takes.

Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi. Her doctor should give her the same cognitive test Mr. Trump received and report back to the American people.

The doctor will see you now.



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