TREY’S TAKE:  Terror At The Carnival

For the second time in two weeks there has been a terrifying incident on amusement rides.  In the first incident Read full story here a quick thinking, fast-acting father had to grab his son and hold him tight as the young man slipped from his seat belt while the two rode a roller coaster together.  The boy’s seat belt malfunctioned just as the ride was beginning causing the boy to slip onto the floor of the car they were in. It’s amazing the dad was able to keep his composure which allowed the boy to stay calm, and he caught it all on video!  The boy and father were uninjured.

Sadly, the second story ended in tragedy as a 16 year-old girl lost her life when she was ejected from a ride on the parking lot at a church carnival. Read more here

Details about how she was apparently thrown from the “Sizzler” are still being checked into by investigators so we don’t have all the facts.

Growing up I was a huge roller coaster and other thrill ride fan.  If they could build it, I would get on it again and again.  My dad would preach to me about only getting on the rides built and maintained at major theme parks like Disney, Six Flags, etc, and to never for any reason ride at a “parking lot carnival.”  He would talk about how those rides are thrown up from day to day, sometimes in the middle of the night by Lord only knows who, and they just didn’t seem all that safe to him.  I use to think he was an old fuddy duddy, but I loved and respected him enough that I never would ride at “pop up” carnivals.

I fully trust Disney’s rides.  Their team of maintenance experts and their attention to every little detail is amazing and unmatched in the industry.  They are very very safe and I have no problem with any member of my family riding anything there.  I believe the same is true of most other full-time parks.  It’s the here today gone tomorrow carnivals that I have issues with.

Whenever I see stories like this I think of my grand-girls and how much they enjoy rides.  One thing I’m thankful for is neither enjoys the crazy coaster stuff –  yet.  I’m preparing myself for the roller coaster talk though.



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