TREY’S TAKE: What Are You Thinking?

“I can’t believe what those Cruz people were saying on your show this morning.” I turned and straightened up with two arms full of junk mail, (I don’t check the mailbox on the weekend so I had a pile going), to see one of my neighbors approaching me. “Do they actually WANT president Hillary?” I lifted my sunglasses and smiled. “I heard all those Cruz supporters call your show this morning and say they won’t get behind Trump. They are guaranteeing another Clinton in the White House – AND 4 more years of Obama.”

I’ve heard from many on both sides. Trump supporters are die-hard in their belief that he will “make America great again” while those who supported someone else believe he is bad news, and will actually make thing worse. The latter are searching for someone, anyone else who they can support against Trump and Hillary. Neither is their choice.

Then there’s the Jindal Theory. The former Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal was a contender early on who could never crack the ceiling to make it on the big stage. He was critical of Trump’s positions and his personal attacks on his rivals. Governor Jindal penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal this weekend in which said he still believes his criticism of Trump was correct, but he is going to support him warts and all.

Why would he compromise his principles to back a man he has such big differences with? The Jindal Theory (I made that up) says that while Trump is unpredictable, and you may not know where he stands moment to moment, everyone is clear on where Hillary stands. She has been in government for over 4 decades. She is the very definition of political insider, and politics have made her wealthy beyond her wildest imagination. Her track record of support for liberalism is well documented. Her time as Secretary of State is marked by policies which left much of the world in chaos. She is a known commodity, and people don’t like what they know of her. So, while Trump may run you crazy because of his changing positions, the Jindal Theory postulates that to be a million times better than the known positions of Hillary.

So to those of you who supported someone other than Trump – what shall I tell my neighbor? Are you going to stand pat and take a chance that Hillary will be the next President, or are you warming to the Jindal Theory?



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