TREY’s TAKE: Time For The City To BUTT out

November 17, 2017

A couple things right up front…

First, I understand the deal is done and the age to buy tobacco is going up to 21. The “community feedback” meetings are nothing more than smoke and mirrors meant to make people feel like they have a say so.

Second, I’m not in favor of smoking. Both of my parents suffered lung disease from it. Thank God its a habit that never appealed to me, and I have compassion for those who are addicted and want to quit but just can’t.

Third, I also know my opinion probably won’t be all that popular given SA is pursuing its dream of becoming Austin South.

With that said, I believe this is yet another example of city government sticking their noses where they don’t belong.

Sure, I could resort to the old tried and true and go off on the 18 to serve in the military rant. The double standard is true – we are saying we are good sending you to far away lands to get your butt shot off at 18, but you can’t take a drag off a butt in SA until you are 21. Brilliant. However, since less than 1% ever serve in the military, this is a low-impact argument.

Another example of the double standard is also true – at 18 you can sign contracts, vote for leaders, face adult criminal punishment, and make other decisions which have life-long implications, but you can’t buy cigs until you’re 21. Also brilliant.

It’s also true that people younger than 21 are getting abortions, changing genders, and having plastic surgery, but at least our city government will save them from their choice to smoke.

I know – it sounds like I’m defending smoking. I assure you I’m not.

I’m merely pointing out how our city government is more interested with controlling personal decisions – remember they are floating a junk food tax, big soda tax, etc – than doing what they were supposedly elected to do.

City government is there to run the business of the city – not the lives of its citizens.

On this issue they just need to BUTT out.

God loves you and so do I



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