TREY’s TAKE: Trump’s Big Day

Any way you want to slice it or spin it or whatever – Donald Trump had an impressive day. Possibly the best of his campaign, so far. The timing is right because traditionally Labor Day is viewed as the time to make the “Big Push” for the White House.

In politics optics are everything. Intended or not, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto offered Donald Trump the opportunity to present himself as a statesman, and Trump made the best of it.

Did he ever.

After their hour-long private meeting the two held a joint press conference in front of a grey/green granite wall that looked a lot like the stage world leaders use when they speak to the world from the UN.

Trump calmly spoke of his intentions to put the United States first while respecting the needs of our neighbors.

The two men glanced at each other with mutual respect and the occasional nod.

It was as if the Mexican President was welcoming Trump into a very exclusive club.

President Pena Nieto said, “Mexicans have felt offended by what has been said, but I am certain that his genuine interest is in building a relationship that will provide our mutual societies improved well-being.”

The Trump campaign couldn’t have asked for more.

The world saw a Donald Trump who was respectful yet firm with a world leader.

The trip was a win for him.

Back in Phoenix, Trump delivered his speech on immigration where he confirmed to his base that he will build a wall, deport illegal immigrant criminals, enforce a program of legal immigration, and cut off funding to sanctuary cities.

Another win for Trump.

It was a big day for him. Some politicians would call it a day and lay low for a while. I don’t expect Trump will do that. Business leaders know the best time to make a sale is right after you’ve just closed one. You’re hot, and that’s the best time to get in front of another potential customer.

Speaking a laying low – anybody seen Hillary?




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