TREY’s Take: If You Are Upset By This You Seriously Need To Get A Life

What a GREAT weekend! Thank you to everyone who helped make the Trey Ware Military Appreciation Breakfast a huge success. Special thanks to Elaine Rodriguez and Elizabeth Ruiz.

And thank you to all who came to honor our military!

Our efforts to collect items for Operation Interdependence continued Saturday morning at the Liberty Gun Show in New Braunfels. I can’t say enough good things about the folks who showed up to offer their support. Much love!

Had a bit of a downer when I opened my mail this morning, and found a note from an irate lefty. He was extremely p**sed off at President Trump for the way he honored dads on Father’s Day.

Paul J., said “This President is such a pig for the way he treats women! He totally failed to recognize the contributions women make in the lives of their children. Trump is a woman-hating sicko who needs to go!” he raged.

I’ll spare you the remainder of his rant.

This guy needs to get a life.

First, it was “Father’s Day” dude. The President’s statement was about fathers. Amazing how that works.

Second, this is the kind of guy who just hates for hate sake.

Here is the proclamation President Trump issued on Father’s Day. Please tell me what part of this is offensive cause I can’t find it.

“Father’s Day is a special occasion that reminds us to pause and thank the men in our lives who have taken on the responsibility of raising children. As sons and daughters, we recognize the love they have given and the sacrifices they have made, and we celebrate the indispensable role fathers play in our lives and communities.

“Fathers have the ability and responsibility to instill in us core values we carry into adulthood.  The examples they set and the lessons they impart about hard work, dedication to family, faith in God, and believing in ourselves establish the moral foundation for success that allows us to live up to our full potential.  We remember those fatherly moments big and small, throwing a baseball, writing an essay, driving a car, walking down the aisle, that have shaped us, and we thank our dads for being there with a helping hand and an open heart.

Day in and day out, fathers put their children first, creating loving and supportive environments.  Whether by birth, adoption, or foster care, today we honor the incredible fathers in our lives for all they have done and continue to do for us.  Fathers inspire us to better ourselves and to be men and women of outstanding character.  We recommit ourselves as individuals, families, and communities to promoting and supporting fatherhood, and take this day to express our love and appreciation for fathers across our country.”



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