TREY’s TAKE: Will These Words Wake Us?

It was one week ago that 70’s teen heart-throb David Cassidy passed away at age 67.

In his day, Cassidy’s photo was plastered on the walls and back of the door in every teen girl’s room.

Girls loved him, and guys wanted to have his cool hair.

The Partridge Family television show was a hit from 70-74, and was built around his charisma and musical talent.

As time passed, Cassidy tried to find his place and stay relevant. He recorded music and traveled the world playing to audiences large and small.

In his later years, he worked hard performing Broadway musicals, touring with stage acts, and filling his Las Vegas engagements.

Yet, with as busy as David Cassidy was his entire life, at the end of it he was still not satisfied.

His daughter, Katie, reported that Cassidy’s last words on this planet were, “So much wasted time.”

To most people it probably doesn’t seem like Cassidy “wasted” much time. His schedule was always packed with another show, another performance, one more appearance.

But that’s clearly not what he meant.

I’ve been with people who are in their last moments on earth. I bet you have too. I have never, not even once, heard them talk about the money they made, (or didn’t), the toys they accumulated, (or didn’t), or the careers and positions they held.

What do people talk about at that moment?


Words like, “Do you remember when . . . ?” Or, “Then there was that time you and I . . .”

Or, they will tell the same story you have heard one million times before.

And sometimes they have regrets.

I’ve never heard someone say, “Man I regret not buying that boat… (car – house – whatever)”

Their regrets are usually about the memories they didn’t make with the people they love because they were too busy chasing stuff.

One man told me he regretted not taking his wife to Hawaii – a trip she always dreamed about.

In this age of cell phones and social media when we spend more time reading our Facebook posts and staring at our 4 inch screens over dinner rather than talking to our family. In this season of holiday hustle and bustle when it’s all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday – will David Cassidy’s last words wake us?

“So much wasted time . . . ”

Funny, I never thought of David Cassidy as much of a great philosopher – until now.

God loves you and so do I



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