TREY’s TAKE: Wow – What an Awesome Country

I voted today and felt the same awe inside as I did in 1980.

I had just experienced my eighteenth birthday and I was full of excitement and nervousness. This would be my first time to have my say – to express my choice.

My parents talked to me about how special it would be every time I did it. Like so many things in my life they were spot on.

They instructed me to choose wisely, and to not rush into it without being absolutely sure. What I was engaging in would have serious consequences. This is not a game – it is serious business.

I was encouraged to fast and pray to seek the mind of God.

I read and studied. I had talks with people I trusted. I listened – a lot.

I learned to respect the moment and to treat it with the reverence it deserves because people had willingly given their lives so that I might choose.

Mom and Dad taught me to respect the candidates, but I was not to worship them because worship is reserved for Almighty God alone.

I learned that if the results didn’t turn out the way I wanted I was to conduct myself righteously – as an ambassador of heaven, and do nothing which would bring dishonor to the One I serve.”Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven,” Jesus said.

So today all of that came back to me when Nancy and I entered the parking lot of our voting location. I was overcome with emotion because of the awesome privilege it is to live in a country where we can choose those who will be in authority over us.

Thank you, God for that right.

Thank you, men and women who served and serve our nation to secure that right.

Thank you, Mom and Dad for showing me the way.

May I never take it for granted.



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