I Tried Holding Back, But Now Someone Has To Say It

The new pacifier that colicky Obama-Clinton voters are sucking on: our inaugural crowd was bigger.

That’s it. We wasted a weekend of memes on that, America.

You know what, folks, you can have that. All day, all night. Along with your meaningless popular vote brag.

If I was a meanie, I might point out that Democrats should ALWAYS draw bigger crowds in D.C. Have you consulted the recent voting history of the District?

Here it is. Now tell me what a significant accomplishment your crowd-size really is. I mean, really. It’s home-field advantage for Dems. 

Know what kept Trump voters away? The inauguration was on a Friday. They have jobs. They work.

But, don’t argue with these cupcakes. Smile, nod and offer them your heartiest congratulations for their record crowds. It’s like their participation trophy for the 2016 election. Yay!

Meanwhile, can we talk about the million women march, or whatever “The Resistance” is calling it?

How ironic: people warning that Trump would ruin, sully and destroy our country…ruined, sullied and destroyed their march routes. It’s ok, though, the little people will pick up the trash and tow the torched cars. You know, those people John Kerry warned us would have to die in Iraq if they didn’t get into a good school?

Can anyone answer this, by the by:

Why is there more anger over a lie about who had the bigger crowd than a lie about people keeping their doctors?

Or a lie about Benghazi?

Or a lie about paying ransom to Teheran?

Since when is acting like fascists a way of protesting fascists?

When rational people lose an election, they set about winning the next one.

But when people whose religion is politics, and whose leaders are their “gods” (as Newsweek called him, “sort of a god”), lose an election, it’s the end of the frickin’ world for us all…because it’s the end of the world for them.

Gods don’t lose. Unless it’s the end of the world, right?

Most political movements know they can be defeated or replaced, and they strive to put off that day as long as they can. This D.C. crowd thought Obamism was forever, even if their god was term limited to eight years. A fact they knew on day one.

So self-evident was their superiority, that they nominated and stood with a nakedly deficient candidate last year. Their ideology was, they thought, too big to fail.

In their destructive, unhinged meltdown over failure, we get a glimpse of how frightening it is when they actually win.




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