SAN ANTONIO (Texas News Radio) — Video shows a highway crewman in a cherry picker working on a traffic signal get struck and tossed out of his bucket by a passing truck in the Houston area.

KTRK-TV says it happened February 25 on U.S. Highway 90 in Fort Bend County.

The station says Andrew Wolf had his dashcam recording as he witnessed the near tragedy.

“Every time my truck is on, it’s running. This is the most epic and horrific thing I’ve seen,” said Wolf.

The truck was going about 50 miles per hour on the highway and did stop to call 911 after the collision.

The man dangled from the bucket in a safety harness for about 30 seconds before the crew as able to get him down.

“You can see they ignored some safety rules. The road wasn’t blocked off. The truck wasn’t protecting anybody, but he was smart enough to put on a harness and helmet and that’s what saved his life,” Wolf told the ABC station.

The worker was in shock, but ultimately okay.

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