Trump 101: He’s An Insider, Not An Outsider

The “other” Republicans are debating in Simi Valley, CA tonight.

I’ll watch it and break it down for you tomorrow. You’re welcome.

It’s tough to be the “others”. Do they audition to be Sleepy Joe’s opponent, or try to take down Trump, or shoot for being the former president’s wingman, in the hopes that they’ll pick up the mantle if he has to drop out? Yeah, it’s tough.

I don’t blame the younger candidates (DeSantis, Haley, Ramaswamy) because they can and will run in future cycles. One of them may be the long-term leader of a movement. I can’t imagine what the other others are thinking. Pence? Christie? What are you doing here, baby?

None of the others is catching this guy in 2024. Unless he self-immolates. And I’m not even sure what that would look like,

It amazes me how many people miss what’s happening here.

First, remember that Donald Trump is not some sort of “outsider”. You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s never been true. He was an INSIDER.

The elites in this country partied with him, did business with him, and took pictures with him. I’m sure those pix have been 86’d all over the place, but it happened. Trump was in all the right places, meetings and rich-folk gatherings. They loved him and he loved them. And he has receipts.

Until 2015.

It wasn’t his politics—he’s been talking about immigration, campaign reform, government, taxes, trade, forever. He was incessantly invited onto CNN and MSNBC to do so. They lapped it up. “Ooh, he’s so refreshing!”

Two-thousand fifteen is when he did the unthinkable.

He told their secrets.

In actually running for president, something he’d been flirting with since the 1980s, he decided to rip down the curtain—on political parties, campaign donations, tax laws, corporate media, America’s trade policies, and much much more.

Remember the “the first rule of ‘Fight Club'”?

He exposed them, as only one of their own could do.

If he’d been an outsider, someone like one of us, they would’ve opposed and mocked him, yes.

Because he had been one of them, they hate and fear him in  a way that they will never hate or fear somebody like you or me.

It gets dressed up in lingo that makes them feel like they’re defending important things (democracy!).

Really, this is just “Mean Girls”, only with ugly, older people.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, from the Epstein episode, or the Ivy League admissions scandal, or many other crises for the beautiful people, the one thing you cannot do is puncture their phoniness and spoil their racket.

You can see it in how they thought they’d stop him—the impeachments, indictments and innuendoes represent the things they would fear most.

To their horror, the former ultimate insider acts like none of it matters to him.

Forgive me, one more movie analogy.

We are approaching, in late 2023, that moment in cheesy old sci-fi flicks, where the people fighting the alien invaders realize that nothing they have tried, and nothing they have left, seems to be working.

(In Part II of “Trump 101”, we’ll talk about those Trump rallies)

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