Trump Calls Chip Roy a RINO

“Has any smart and energetic Republican in the Great State of Texas decided to run in the primary against RINO Cong. Chip Roy? For the right person he is very beatable. If interested, let me know!!”

This is purportedly from former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social account late last night.

And it’s bananas.

Listeners to our show are familiar with, and some are constituents of, Congressman Chip Roy. What we know of him is his inflexible conservatism, not that he’s some kind of ersatz Republican. He’s a hardheaded one.

We know what this is really about: Roy endorsed Ron DeSantis a while back. And, for Trump, supporting a rival is an mortal sin.

Look, Donald Trump had a good presidency by my lights. Foreign affairs, domestic economy, the right instincts about kitchen-table issues. If he’s nominated, I would have no issue voting for him a third time. He’s no conservative, but he’s effective on behalf of things I believe in.

His flaws are his narcissism and ego, which lead to his automatic affection for the wrong people (Fauci, for example, and recent compliments for Newsom), and his instinctive hatred for anyone who doesn’t lick his boots.

(Also, FFS, he’s beating DeSantis by 50.)

Sadly, the loyalty thing is not a culture with the ex-president, but a one-way street. The hallways of politics are littered with the carcasses of people who rendered good and faithful service to him, only to be insulted and scapegoated. Meanwhile, the deep state had its way with him, something that if he can’t acknowledge, he probably can’t change.

Even the best case that can be made for returning Donald Trump to the presidency is, at best, a four-year proposition. I think we are in for a lot more than four years of work, just repairing the damage President Biden has done, not to mention what preexisted him. When those four years are up, are you telling me that no one else is worthy of leading? No one else gets it? We won’t need authentically conservative people inside and outside of politics, who happen not to have rubbed Trump the right way?

I get supporting him, but when he and others argue that no one else can be trusted, the case goes from strong to weak. Demagoguery stinks no matter which side it comes from. Should he regain the White House, Chip Roy will win many a battle for him. You know it and I know it.

And by the way, the primary filing deadline for challenging Cong. Roy has already passed, if Donald Trump even cares.


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