Trying to Follow The Science Here…

For the last few years, if not longer, declaring you “believe in” or “follow” science has been a kind of secular sign of the cross for lefties in good standing.

The implication being that if you disagree with their interpretation of, or policy-making based on, “science”, you are a flat-Earth, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing lout. Which, c’mon, you know you are!

Let’s try following the science in the news today:

  • CNN has been going to their “climate crisis correspondent Bill Weir a lot during Hurricane Idalia coverage. He explained that the severity of the storm is “the cost of fossil fuels” and the current Florida government’s reliance on same (you know who). While they prattle on about the “unprecedented” storm, it turns out that Idalia is only the strongest storm in this stretch of coastline since the 1896 Cedar Keys hurricane, whose track and maximum winds were virtually identical. Of course, a lot fewer people had switched to Teslas in 1896, so…
  • Those paper straws we all hate (but half of us pretend to love) are the subject of an extensive Belgian analysis showing that, in a test of 39 different brands of paper and bamboo drinking straws from various countries, most were found to contain so-called PFAS, a group of synthetic chemicals turning up in our water and our bodies with increasing frequency, dubbed “forever chemicals” because they hang around like your annoying cousin on Thanksgiving. Both the CDC and WHO have webpages loaded with warnings about health dangers from PFAS, so you would think they’d be urging a rapid, emergency return to plastic straws. This is a classic case of environmental alarmism—in the rush to ban plastic straws, which make up next to zilch of our plastic pollution, we have made a serious, irresponsible downgrade.
  • I read where a Congressional physician has “cleared” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) after his second public freeze-up. Add this quack to whatever doctor(s) tell us President Biden is a hale and hearty 80-year-old, and I ask you this: would you trust a doctor this corrupt or inept with caring for your sick child or parent?

If your answer is no, I guess you just don’t believe in science.

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