SAN ANTONIO (Texas News Radio) — The Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office has released an image of persons of interest in the killing of a New Hampshire couple in Padre Island.

The bodies of James and Michelle Butler were found in a shallow grave at the beach last week.

A natural reserve officer was in the area investigating the missing persons report when he discovered the one of the bodies.

“Wildlife, it appears, dug out part of the shallow grave, which exposed the body,” Kleberg County investigator David Mendoza stated.  “We secured it, we lit up the area and we put officers out there to secure it.”

The sheriff’s office said it was believed the couple had last been seen on October 15th.

The couple had been traveling the country in an RV and had plans to go on to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The couple’s RV was spotted crossing the U.S.-Mexico border recently, but with a different couple behind the wheel.

Kleberg County District Attorney John Hubert said it is not known if the couple seen in the truck were involved in the murder or not, but investigators want to talk to them.

“It’s interesting to know they have specific characteristics,” Hubert told reporters at a Monday news conference.  “The male has large holes, earrings in his ears, often called gauges.  They have tattoos, specific tattoos.”

When asked if the couple may have been from Mexico, the prosecutor said, “If I can use stereotypes, I think they are probably local to the Corpus Christi area.”


Photo: Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office

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