Two Texans to Be Nominated to Trump Cabinet

We now know two Texans are expected to play leading roles in the Trump Administration.

The Trump Campaign announced early Tuesday Morning Rex Tillerson will be nominated to be Secretary of State. Reports also suggest a similar announcement is coming soon for former Governor Rick Perry–who is expected to be the choice for Energy Secretary.

So… just who is Rex Tillerson?

We know he’s a Texan–born in Wichita Falls, graduated from Huntsville High School, and the University of Texas–and rose to be the top man at ExxonMobil. He also beat out former Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and we watched as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani withdrew his name from consideration.

Beyond that, we asked Bill Arnold at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business to tell us more about the man who might be the Country’s next top diplomat.

“He’s a very effective corporate leader. He’s gone through the very demanding and challenging career route at ExxonMobil to reach the very top (of the company)” Arnold told KTSA News.

Arnold is convinced Tillerson’s experiences qualify him for the job.

“He’s someone who’s traveled probably to 100-plus countries around the world, knows world leaders, knows how to negotiate” Arnold said, adding we’ve seen a Secretary of State in the mold of Tillerson before… during the Reagan Administration.

“I think an analogy that people haven’t talked very much about is George Schultz… who, of course had been in government–but then was a top executive at Bechtel Corporation, and he really brings a lot of the same skill sets as Rex Tillerson” Arnold said.

As for Tillerson’s supposed “ties” to Russia critics keep pointing to, Arnold isn’t nearly as worried.

“I think people try to draw these as personal ties–but they’re professional ties. He’s got professional ties around the world. It doesn’t mean he’s compromised in any way by this” Arnold said.

Meanwhile, we know, Rick Perry was not only an opponent of Trump at one point but he also said he wanted to do away with the Department of Energy. We asked Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston if the two men could work together.


He said choosing Perry is a good idea for Donald Trump. It shows he’s willing to let bygones be bygones and as for Perry, it shows he’ll take one for the team.

As far as Perry wanting to do away with the Department when he ran for President, Rottinghaus says it’s likely Trump wants to do away with it too and is putting Perry in place to help with that.

Rottinghaus says Perry has plenty of experience in dealing with the energy sector from his time as Governor of Texas and is highly qualified for the job.



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