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Two Texas Republican leaders get into a battle of words over the Alamo

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is taking issue with Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s choice of words in a dispute over renovations going on at the Alamo.

A group called Save the Alamo claimed that Bush planned to put a statue of Mexican General Santa Anna at the shrine of Texas liberty, but he fired back on twitter , calling the group’s claim racist.

“The idea that I would EVER place a statue of Santa Anna at the Alamo is patently false,” Bush tweeted. “Enough is enough. This is an outright lie, and is quite frankly, flat out racist.”

He questioned whether the comments were made because his mother , a naturalized citizen, is from Mexico.

THREAD: One must ask themselves, why am I being accused of honoring the murderous dictator Santa Anna? Is it because my mother (now a naturalized citizen) is from Mexico? I was born in Houston, my wife is from San Angelo, and my boys were born-you guessed it- here in Texas. (1/3)

— George P. Bush (@georgepbush) December 11, 2019

On Tuesday, Patrick criticized Bush’s comments, saying people who disagree with the redesign of Alamo Plaza aren’t being racist in expressing their concerns.

“Recently, the GLO Commissioner and a member of his staff have derided anyone who disagrees with the Alamo redesign as a small vocal minority who are liars and racists,” Patrick said in a written statement. “This is offensive and inaccurate.”

Bush claims Patrick is taking his words out of context.  In a response to KXAN-TV , he said  those who are making statements online such as “Santa Anna Bush” are the racists.

Save the Alamo, led by Rick Range,  is challenging plans to relocated the cenotaph near the  Menger Hotel as part of the Alamo redesign.   Range ran against Bush in the last election.  The cenotaph bears the likeness of some of the Alamo defenders, including Jim Bowie and David Crockett.

Groups opposing the Alamo Master Plan were set to give the Historic Design and Review Commission an earful during a public hearing Wednesday afternoon.   That meeting was scheduled to begin at 1 pm.

They’re asking for a pause in the renovation and redesign, especially after the recent discovery of the remains of three bodies inside the Alamo.




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