TX Dems See Promise in Poll

Texas Democrats are smiling wide–pointing to anew poll that suggests Lone Star State voters are very uncomfortable with the prospect of Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ballot in November.

In fact, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Manny Garcia said Trump has put Texas Republicans in a very tough spot.

“Those endorsements will stick–I mean, the is reminiscent of the Tom Delay days” Garcia said, adding his belief that Democrats will actually be strong at the top of their ballot than they were in 2008.

“We have a stronger candidate I would say on a relative basis” Garcia said.

State Representative Donna Howard said the math is clearly adding up.

“The poll that we did is quite encouraging in that it shows Texas is indeed a single-digit state” Howard said, adding “We see a lot of movement toward Democrats. We see a lot of potential for down-ballot pick-ups.”



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