TX Dems Still Waiting for Gov Candidate

By Don Morgan

Texas Democrats have been working to turn the state blue for several years but with less than a year to go before voters elect a Governor, the Democrats haven’t come out with a viable candidate.

We asked Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus what’s it going to take to get the Governor’s Mansion from Republicans.

“Running for a top ticket office as a Democrat is never easy in Texas. Especially since the 1990’s. If the Democrats want to make any inroads they have to find a good candidate who can make an impression. Even if that person loses, they can still get the attention the Democrats need in order to compete for those big state offices.

Rottinghaus says somebody will eventually come along to be the Democratic candidate but they need to start searching for somebody right away.

The Democrats do have a candidate for Lt. Governor. Mike Collier kicked off his campaign to the nominee for Lt. Governor.



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