TXDOT to Hold Meeting on 281/410/San Pedro Interchange

By Don Morgan

It’s an area where two of the city’s busiest highways merge. Oh, there’s also a major airport in the neighborhood.

A study into how to ease congestion at 281 and 410 near San Pedro is underway and TXDOT wants to hear from you.

Laura Lopez says the area has been determined to be a “trouble spot” with a lot of traffic passing through and at certain times of the day, it can come to a standstill.

Currently, there is no plan in place but TXDOT wants to get something going so they’re holding an open house to offer you a chance to give some input.

Lopez says if you live, work or just travel through that area on a regular basis, they want your input.

The meeting is Tuesday night form 5:30 until 7:30 at Castle Hills City Hall on Lemonwood.



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