U2’s Bono, Wanda Sykes, and other celebs promote COVID vaccine access in animated ‘Pandemica’

(LONDON) — Bono is among a variety of celebrities who have lent their voices to an new animated series called Pandemica that was created to promote the importance of making the COVID-19 vaccine available globally to help bring an end to the pandemic.

The series was launched Thursday by the ONE campaign, the global health and anti-poverty organization co-founded by the U2 frontman.  You can see it on ONE’s official website and YouTube channel.

Other celebs who have contributed their voices to the series include Penélope Cruz, Connie Britton, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, David Oyelowo, Michael Sheen, and Wanda Sykes.

Pandemica depicts various animated characters stuck in situations and areas where they’re constantly being prevented from getting the vaccine. So far, seven 30-second episodes are available, most of which feature Bono’s voice reading the tag line, “If the vaccine isn’t everywhere, this pandemic isn’t going anywhere.”

In a statement, Bono said, “Pandemica‘s animated world animates a simple truth — that where you live shouldn’t determine whether you get these life-saving shots. Even while many of us still wait our turn, we need to commit to making sure that billions of people around the world aren’t left at the back of the line.”

He adds, “It’s the right thing to do, obviously, but it’s also the only way out of this pandemic for all of us.”

Adds ONE campaign CEO Gayle Smith, “This virus has waged war on the world, and we need to fight back with all we’ve got. Vaccine access isn’t just about what’s fair, it’s also about what’s smart — we can’t end a global pandemic until we stop the virus from spreading and mutating everywhere.”

Pandemica is being released in 12 countries and has been subtitled or translated into six languages, besides English.

By Matt Friedlander
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