Unaccompanied minors arrive at temporary shelter in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – The first group of unaccompanied minors is settling in at Freeman Coliseum’s Expo Hall.  Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff was expecting as many as 500 boys to be brought here from the border starting Monday night.

“There’s no girls.  It’s all boys that will be housed there, so we won’t have a separation problem between the sexes,” said Wolff.

The boys are between the ages of 13-17 and they’ll remain at the Coliseum’s Expo Hall for 5 to 9 days while they’re processed, unless they test positive for COVID-19.  Those who have the virus would have to stay longer.

“There’s a separate facility that can handle up to 300, and that’s separated between those who are asymptomatic and those who have symptoms,” Wolff said.

Assistant City Manager Colleen Bridger says the boys at the temporary shelter will be tested for coronavirus every three days.

About 2,100 cots have been set up at the temporary shelter, but Wolff doesn’t expect them all to be used at the same time. The federal government is leasing the Coliseum’s Expo Hall for 60 days. A facility at  Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland also will provide temporary housing for as many as 350 migrant children.

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