UNESCO Draws Ire of Texas Politicians

The organization that granted the World Heritage designation to San Antonio’s five missions comes under fire from two Texas elected officials.

Recently, the UNESCO Executive Board passed a resolution referring to the Temple Mount/Holy Sanctuary in Jerusalem solely by it’s Islamic name.

That vote has brought criticism from Senator Ted Cruz who claims UNESCO is showing anti-Israel bias and said the resolution distorts history and denies connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem.

” It is unfortunate that the U.S. Mission to UNESCO could not do more to persuade our allies to oppose this disgraceful resolution, the real purpose of which is to undermine Jerusalem’s identity as the capital of the Jewish State,” Cruz said, in a statement last week. “Congress must redouble its efforts to counter these pernicious attempts to falsely attack and delegitimize our close ally through international institutions by continuing to withhold funding from entities that participate in such activities, and reaffirm our commitment to stand unshakably with Israel.”

State Representative Jason Villalba condemned the resolution as well.

“This statement by the UNESCO Executive Board perpetuates outrageous and false allegations against Israel, denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and ignores the very cultural heritage of Jerusalem,” Villalba said, in a statement Wednesday. Not only is UNESCO’s statement unethical, but it belies the role of UNESCO to build intercultural understanding and protect cultural heritage..




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