Unforgettable Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac

The news just broke that Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter/keyboardist Christine McVie has passed at 79.

She apparently was ill for a short time, was in the hospital, and had family around her.

I have loved this woman’s voice, both as a singer and as a lyricist, since I first heard her on Fleetwood Mac soft rock hits on WHDH and WBZ-AM in Boston as a child riding around in the car.

When you think about the concentration of talent around that band, she still stands out even in a crowded field.

Later, when I was playing her music as a d.j., I saw how powerfully people reacted to it. There are so many of us who are both mourning her and so grateful to her at this moment.

I think her “secret sauce” was authenticity. You’ll notice she sings and writes consistently over the 50 years or so she was in the Mac, no matter what was going on with music fads and trends.

She wrote about her own, real self, too. Both “Hold Me” and “You Make Loving Fun” were about actual love affairs in her life around the time she wrote them.

One of a kind and one we won’t ever forget or stop listening to.

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