UT Austin Sounds The Alarm About Your Kitchen’s Silent Killers!

I am not proud of that headline, but it’s important that you know about this.

Turns out the Green New Deal might have overlooked a few more things we need to ban, ASAP.

Take it away, NYPost.com:

“A new study from the University of Texas at Austin warns that toasters, candles, and other household smoke makers expose people to more air pollution than standing in a busy intersection does, the Times of London reported.

“The most dangerous of these is toasters, which immediately send toxic particles into the air once they’re turned on, researcher Marina Vance told the Times.

“Burnt toast is particularly harmful. If you can’t quit the buttered bread, researchers suggest only heating it to light crisp.”

There you have it.

Read the whole thing. Seems toasters are just the beginning. Everything you do in the kitchen is hastening the end of life as we know it,

But…but…toast?! I always thought we could trust toast.

I KNEW there was a reason I’m not a morning person.

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