Uvalde Schools Need Something Truly New

I hope there’s no gold watch.

They’re letting the superintendent of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District retire, apparently because “running you out of town on a rail” is no longer a legal option.

Look, there’s obviously ample blame and places to lay it for May the 24th. But, if we’re serious, how about something truly new?

For starters, much was made of how the current occupant spent 0ver 30 years in the district. Maybe that’s why he and others like him couldn’t see how unprepared they were to protect the children? When you’re in the forest…

And, to be frank, running a school district in 2022 is not strictly an educator’s job. You are crafting the defense of a soft target against a world increasingly filled with terrorists, wackos and evil people licking their lips over the chance to bring us to our knees with unspeakable grief. You know this. You need to be a man or woman with the goods to deal with it.

It will involve guns. This isn’t optional.

And, spare me the anti-school choice activist who’s all bitter and snarky about the fact that families across the state and country are exiting the public schoolhouse. If you don’t understand why that is, and you don’t want to learn to understand it, shut up and stand down.

Bottom line, and I would say this about any school district superintendent vacancy, but especially Uvalde right now—could we please NOT have one of the “usual suspects” but strongly recruit and consider outside talent, experience and perspective? Could we?

Whether it’s a military or LEO background (minus a few specific people and you know who you are), or someone who has perhaps retired from success in the corporate world, it’s vital to save public education from people who think it’s already perfect and we the parents are somehow the enemy.

Go outside the culture or you’ll never save it.


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