Videos on social media shows massive party on Penn State campus
▶ Watch Video: Colleges seeing COVID-19 clusters as video shows students not social distancing

Videos circulating on social media show Penn State students ignoring coronavirus safety guidelines at a huge party on campus Wednesday night, reports CBS Philly. In several videos, a massive crowd of students is seen cheering and dancing.

Most appear to be in violation of an ordinance requiring masks. The ordinance also limits gatherings to ten people.

CBS Philly reached out to University Park Police and a lieutenant confirmed they broke up the party around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday outside of one of the main freshmen resident hall areas.

Most of the online posts blamed incoming freshmen for the gathering.

This is move-in week for freshmen at the school, and now there’s a petition calling for the university to send freshmen home for breaking the rules surrounding COVID-19. As of Thursday morning, that petition already has about 1,500 signatures.

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