Well it’s official.  Johnny Manziel has been indicted
I started talking about the partying ways of Johnny “Football” or Johnny Manziel back when he was smashing records at Texas A&M.  The kid was so freaking good he was ridiculous.  I have never before or since seen a QB avoid tackles and make stuff happen the way #2 did.  I loved watching him play.  I was a huge fan of his abilities, and secretly wished I was 30 years younger so I could try just once more to chase him down and sack him.
Unfortunately, he is doing a good job of sacking himself.  I type these words with fear and trembling in my fingertips.  I’m afraid for the young man and what he is doing to his life.  Forget his football career.  That’s been over for a while.  I’m afraid we are watching another Winehouse.  So much talent, such a waste.
Two agents have fired him saying he needs to get help right away.  His own father said he won’t make it to his 24th birthday if he doesn’t get help.  WAKE UP JOHNNY!  The clock is ticking.  C’mon man!
The only person you can’t save someone from is themselves.  Johnny Football is clearly in self-destruct mode.  I am praying that he wakes up to that fact before it’s too late.


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