So I Want To Make Sure I Understand This NFL Kneeling Thing…

The NFL kneeling thing was going to come to a head eventually. President Trump made sure that it did.

So, I just want to make sure I understand what’s happening here.

The NFL is allowing players to protest the USA. Reports say around 150 took a knee to show their anger at the way the USA does things.

Are we talking about the same USA which paid the NFL more than $6 million in taxpayer money to host patriotic celebrations and flyovers before the games? Is it the same USA which gave billions of taxpayer dollars to wealthy team owners so they could build gigantic stadiums through which they and their players have become some of the richest individuals in the history of the planet?

Some say those stadiums create jobs and help the local economy, however the Journal Of Economic Perspectives says there is “statically no significant positive correlation between sports facility construction and economic development.”

So, taxpayers, (many are veterans who have been to war numerous times to fight for freedom), are not only buying tickets, watching NFL games on television, and supporting their sponsors, they are also paying tax money to support the rich owners and players so they can get richer?

Hmmmm. That doesn’t seem to make much sense, now does it?

The wealthy kneelers say this is about racism and inequality, but isn’t the USA the only nation ever to go from slavery to anti-discrimination legislation in less than a century? What other country can claim that?

And didn’t the USA make affirmative action legal and mandatory?

Why are people literally dying to get here from countries those rich NFL players say we should emulate?

Just checking.

The NFL, headed by commissioner and self-proclaimed “not a football guy” Roger Goodell, says he can’t stop the players from kneeling because they are “just exercising their first amendment rights.”

Is this the same league that tells players which shirt to wear on Sunday? The same league that fines players for using profanity during television interviews? The same NFL which fines a player for dancing “too much” after a great play? The same league which blackballed Tim Tebow for kneeling and praying? The same league which ordered the Dallas Cowboys to not wear a sticker on their helmets to show support for police after Dallas police officers lost their lives protecting BLM protesters?

Can’t do anything, or doesn’t want to?

So, help me understand why players who don’t much care for the USA don’t just leave. I mean don’t you stay away from places you don’t like? I noticed that the NFL players in England stood to honor the UK, but took a knee when the USA anthem came on. So they dig England more than the USA? Maybe they should move there.

In NASCAR the teams owners told their employees to catch a bus home if they wanted to protest the country. Quite a contrast huh.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I try to understand why these rich guys don’t like the USA so be sure to watch this space.

Oh, and as far as taking a knee. Good idea. Let’s take a knee and pray to the God who created everything that we would find hope and peace, and a way to get along.




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