If you want to know what the left’s next crusade will be, just look around your house or business.

Whatever works, it’s war on that.

This week, the WSJ reported on a trial balloon from the Biden Administration to attack the “hidden hazard” of gas stoves, but relax, it was for new stoves, not existing ones. Or, as Mary Katherine Ham quipped, “If you like your stove, you can keep it”.

The self-confident assholery of the left is matched only by their speed and agility. Something no one ever heard of, based on scant evidence, overnight becomes one of these “ackshually everyone knows…” proclamations. You’ve heard of instant karma? This is instant dogma.

Right on cue, AOC tweeted condescendingly about how she’s been preaching this “for years” (never heard it), despite having previously shared cooking videos of herself…wait for it…using a gas stove. Maybe there IS something to “reduced cognition”.

Remember how fast plastic straws went from being ubiquitous to being war crimes? It happened so fast, you probably ignored it, but the pattern keeps repeating itself, on items major and minor: bored, elitist leftists whip out some flimsy study, announce that this is for your own good, and then issue edicts making other peoples’ lives harder or more expensive.

Cars: EVs.

Oil: wind.

Color blindness: CRT.

Merit: DEI.

Someone now makes washable toilet “paper”.

The electric car-gasm playing before our eyes is fascinating. An auto industry that is historically brilliant at making what people will crave emotionally, has, en masse, committed to making a product almost no one wants, most cannot afford, and which cannot, for the forseeable future, be produced in equal quantities. This last detail might be the point: not to eliminate internal combustion, but to eliminate infernal freedom, because when the serfs have their own wheels, they can be defiant and hard to rule over. Fewer private vehicles means more mass transit and ride sharing, and more social engineering.

Perhaps the most brilliantly-managed car company in the world, Toyota, seems to not be fully-onboard. President Akio Toyoda and others in the E-suite have calmly pointed out that there are other paths to carbon neutrality, ones that are more amenable to the user than barking orders. Toyota is confidently charting a someone different course that every American automaker.  Either you believe that Toyota is the new Edsel, or you realize that smart people are starting to speak up.

What’s truly amazing about the left’s junk science, tinhorn-dictator style is how the parts are interchangeable. Charles C.W. Cooke noted that you could just as easily ban electric stoves, and promote gas, if you just cherry-pick some different statistics, like fire hazard.

So, take stock of the things in your life that make the most sense and work the best.

They’re next for cancellation. It’s war on what works.

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