WARE’s Word: Did You Believe The Republican Promise To Repeal Every Word of Obamacare?

Two sides. Same coin. I’ve been saying that about R’s and D’s for a long, long time.

The current healthcare insurance scam they are running inside the beltway is prime evidence of the fact that the two party system is an illusion.

“Elect us and we will repeal and replace EVERY word of Obamacare,” Republicans shouted into microphones and over television.

So America did. Four elections worth of electing Republicans.

And yet when they were given the keys they STILL did not have a plan to get rid of the law (Obamacare) that is wrecking the private insurance industry, and setting us up for single payer socialized medicine in the USA.

Republicans say they weren’t ready because they didn’t expect to win in November! HA! I believe they weren’t ready because they didn’t WANT to be ready.

I believe the elite Republicans want single payer as much as the Democrats.

Two sides. Same coin.

The plans they are pushing now do not repeal EVERY word of O’Care. Much of it remains.

In fact, they are giving the insurance industry a $200 Billion bailout! An industry that made a profit of $15 Billion gets another $200 Billion in taxpayer money. Not a bad deal – for them! Terrible for taxpayers!

Whatever happened to freedom?

You remember freedom don’t you? The days when you could buy insurance when, where, how, and from whom?

Or, not buy it all. Your choice. You live with the consequences of your choices.

The current bill is on hold while Senator McCain recoups after surgery.

Meanwhile, we must focus on electing new candidates who are for smaller government and more personal liberty. I’ve always said we need to look at their ideas and actions because ideas and actions are where you can find the real intent of a candidate.

Party affiliation means NOTHING.

Two sides. One coin.



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