WARE’s Word: Read Who Is Getting The Blame For Human Smuggling and Why

The following is a sampling of messages received in response to the deaths of 9 individuals who died in the human smuggling operation.

Most expressed thoughts and prayers for the victims, but more than a few expressed anger at city officials over what many people see is an open-door policy which encourages illegal immigrants to come to San Antonio.

“These deaths are on the heads of the SA Mayor, City Manager, and Police Chief because of their support for sanctuary cities and their opposition to SB4!” – TS

“Those poor people believed they could safely come to San Antonio because we are a sanctuary city! Shame on the leadership of this city who promote this terrible policy!” -KC

“Our city leaders have been fighting SB4 – THIS IS ON THEM” – DA

“Trump’s wall is a life saver. Build it now!” – RM

“Our family is praying for the victims, and at the same time, we are hopping mad at liberal politicians for saying to illegal aliens San Antonio is open to them.” – KJ

“Shame on Julian, Ron, Bill, and Sheryl for allowing this to happen in our city! They should back SB4 and save lives.” – DW

“No one should die to come to the US! Close the border and give people a dignified and safe way to pursue the better life they seek. NO MORE SANCTUARY CITIES.” – JS

Chief McManus says this is not an isolated situation. In fact, more than a dozen illegal immigrants were found in a home in San Antonio Sunday afternoon.

Clearly, the people who reached out are frustrated with a policy which they believe is putting peoples lives at risk.

Do you believe the leadership of San Antonio drop their suit against SB4 and support the building of the border wall?



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