WATCH: After calling American Airlines flight attendant a “b****”, woman told to fly Spirit instead

(Texas News Radio) — A video has gone viral of an American Airlines employee at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last Saturday telling a customer to try flying Spirit Airlines after she called another American Airlines employee a derogatory word during a mask dispute.

The video shows the airline employee explaining to the customer that she was no longer welcome to fly on American Airlines because of her behavior.

In the video, the woman tries to deny that she called the other worker on the plane a term used to describe a female dog.  She was escorted off the plane.  Witnesses confirmed that she did.

Another passenger told the Dallas Morning News the mask dispute was over the fact the woman’s mask had holes in it.

The original flight was from DFW to Miami, but the gate agent told the woman she would have to make other accommodations to get there.

“You can find another carrier to fly.  I’d suggest Spirit,” the agent told her in the video.

It is not clear if the woman made it to her destination.

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