SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) -A YouTube star from Florida came all the way to San Antonio to dive for treasures in the River Walk area only to get stopped by police.

Brandon Jordan travels across the country searching for interesting items in creeks and rivers, sometimes helping to clean up  the waterways along the way, but in a “Jiggin” with Jordan” video posted on YouTube last month, he didn’t get very far in the San Antonio River.

Before jumping in with goggles and fins, the 26-year-old  asked a man who was passing by if he had ever seen anyone swim in that section of the river. “Not voluntarily,” the unidentified man answered.

“Would you say it’s pretty nasty?” asked Jordan. The man replied, “If I fell in I’d want to keep my mouth closed.”

Jordan went into the water anyway and found a child’s shoe, an old iPhone and a folding chair before he was interrupted by police. They informed him that it’s against city ordinance to swim, bathe or wade in the San Antonio River within the city limits.

“Sorry about that man.  I really didn’t know,” Jordan told police. “I’m going  to be quite honest with you.  This is just what we do for a living and I just kinda thought this was a body of water we were allowed to be in.”

He asked if he could walk along the river and use a magnet to pull items out of the river, but the officers told him it’s against the law to make contact with the water.

As he was talking to officers, a woman  who claimed to be from the San Antonio Film Commission office showed up and informed Jordan that a permit is required to film on the River Walk.

Jordan expressed  disappointment that his adventure in the San Antonio River was cut short, saying  he was “stoked” and looking forward to  filming on the River Walk.

“This is a place I’ve never been before, a city I’ve never been to before.  It’s just huge buildings and skyscrapers and traffic.  There was even a horse that was jogging down the road.  It was incredible,” said Jordan.

Then he toured the San Antonio River Walk.

“I come out to this river.  I just see how polluted it is,” said Jordan.  “Man, we could make not only such a sick video here, but we could actually like clean up so much stuff , like literally hundreds of pounds of trash is here.”

As officers were questioning Jordan, one of them explained that the River Walk is drained for maintenance and cleaning.  They gave him a warning, but no citation.

No hard feelings.   The YouTube diver  said the officers were nice and friendly, as well as the woman from the San Antonio Film Commission office . Jordan said it must be a “Texas thing.”



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