We The People are being played, and it’s time for it to stop.

Republicans and Democrats in D.C. began colluding together several years ago in a funding scheme which would put a hold on the jobs of a fraction of federal workers for a period of time, and the “government shutdown,” was born.

Politicians use the threat of a “government shutdown” to skirt their legislative duty, and build support for their projects. Their lackeys in the media collude with them in order to scare people into backing their proposals in order to avoid a “shutdown.”

Americans are scared to death what might happen if a portion of D.C. isn’t open. OMG it’s the end of the world! Do whatever you need to do to prevent a “shutdown” from happening!

Played, played, played.

It is time for the shenanigans to end, and for the US to overhaul how we raise revenue and how the monies are budgeted.

The two best plans are a Fair Tax and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

The Fair Tax would mean everyone truly pays their fair share and therefore will have skin in the game. Roughly half of Americans couldn’t care less what happens with their government because they have no tax liability.

The Balanced Budget Amendment would prevent the federal government from spending money it does not have which would require the President and Congress to agree on an actual budget every year.

I would add that no member of Congress should be paid until the budget process is complete and enacted.

No more continuing resolutions. No more “government shutdowns.” No more games. No more BS.

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