Website list best cities for naked bike riding

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News)  — So you clicked on the story. Well, guess what, we have NO pictures of actual naked people riding bikes.  MADE YOU LOOK! AHAHAHHAHA!

However, if  you want to let it all hang out while riding your Huffy or enjoy a little BMXing in your birthday suit, a website can help you track down the place to go to drop trou while on your ten speed.

They’ve released a list of best cities for naked biking.

You would think a warm weather city would be the top choice for bare cheek biking but the number one city on the list is….Chicago.

Not only is the Windy City a host for a World Naked Bike Ride but residents have searched the internet for “naked bike rides” more times than any other city. Apparently bikers aren’t very shy in Chi-town.

If you’re in Texas and in the mood to ride in the nude, Austin (no surprise) is the place for you.

“A-town” ranks number 4 for bare ass biking, just…. behind… Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. The website cites the Bat City’s lax public nudity and biking laws. It seems Austin is one of only four cities on the list where total nudity won’t land you in jail. I’ll leave it up to you to find out.

Rounding out the top 10 naked biking cities are

5 St. Louis, MO
6 Philadelphia, PA
7 San Francisco, CA
8 Madison, WI
9 Los Angeles, CA
10 Boston, MA

Meanwhile, San Antonio has its share of saddle sores from bike seats, ranking number 22 in the list of 200. Houston and Dallas also make the top 30.

At the….bottom…. of the list….Clarksville, TN. is rated as the worst place to ride in the raw.

If you want to took a peek at the entire list before you bike in the buff, go to the LawnStarter website. 

Editor’s Note: KTSA does NOT condone riding your bike in the nude. However, if you do choose to be naked on two wheels…let us know!

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