Weekend Programming


5am-5:30am – Learn to Buy & Sell Cars & Trucks.com

5:30am-9am – KTSA’s Gardening Show w/ Bob Webster

9am-11am – KTSA’s Home Improvement Show w/ Martin Bomba

11am-1pm – KTSA’s Automotive Show w/ Louie Sirianni

1pm-2pm – Hoppes & Associates, The Raw Radio Show

2pm-2:30pm – Roof Fix

2:30pm-3pm – Retire with Jim Hanna

3pm-4pm – What’s It Worth w/ Mike Hermes

4pm-5pm – Lifestyles Unlimited

5pm-6pm – The Del Walmsley Show

6pm-7pm – The Trading Group Show

8pm-8:30pm – Homebuyer’s Talk Radio

9pm-9:30pm – Retire with Jim Hanna



6am-7am – Safe Money

7am-8am – John Hagee Ministries

8am-11am – KTSA’s Gardening Show w/ Bob Webster

11am-12pm – KTSA’s Your Pets Health w/ Dr. Dan Kirby

12pm-1pm – Lifestyles Unlimited

1pm-2pm – Texas Financial Advisory w/ Brooklynn Chandler Willy JD, RFC, CDFA

2pm-3pm – Learn to Buy & Sell Cars & Trucks.com

3pm-4pm – Total Wealth Academy Radio Show

5:30pm-6pm – Safe Money

7:30pm-8pm Purity Products

8pm-10pm – God, Family, and Country Radio Show / Podcasts

10pm-11pm – San Antonio Solutions – Public Affairs Show