Wembanyama honored with hot dog named for him

This ain’t no corn dog.

The Wembynaso is a hot dog of epic proportions.

To begin with its on an 8″ French Baguette topped with grilled onions, crispy fried onions and Gruyere cheese.

It’s the creation of gourmet hot dog food cart El Weinecero.

The new hot dog is so big, it’s sliced in half and served on an extra long tray.

The dog is topped with a pickle spear and a toothpick flying the French tricolor as a salute to Wembanyama’s home country.

The Wembynaso doesn’t come cheap.

A half dog is $15.00, the full Wemby is $25.00.

El Weinecero can be found near the corner of East Houston and Broadway in Downtown San Antonio from Thursday-through-Saturday, from 9pm-to-3am

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