Whenever I’m around people discussing the gas prices, there’s a division between people who expect prices to go higher, and people who hope they’re at or near their peak.

What’s striking is how almost no one can even envision them returning to $1.60 or even $3. Even though the geological facts say that can and should happen.

All my life you could count on one thing with politicians: they crave popularity, both personally, and as the means to getting elected and reelected.

So, they would pivot or flip flop if it became clear they were on the wrong side, or had taken the wrong measures. They might be transparent and slimy, but they wanted to stay in office, so…

What’s increasingly clear about the current crop of progressive office-holders is their fanatical devotion to theory. No matter the failures, the pain and the unpopularity, they insist they are ACTUALLY HELPING US.

High gas prices? You needed that to happen, so you would “transition”. (They are very big on all  kinds of transitioning)

You can’t count on, or wait for, self-correction of position or policies. They know everything, and besides, you’re a racist!

You have to wait for their next election, and fire them.

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